Difference between white and chrome egg crate diffuser?
In term of lighting, what's the difference between the white and chrome egg crate diffuser. I'm basically trying to put the egg crate diffuser between my light and the aquarium.

Try to look at it this way. The difference between the two would be bouncing the light off of a white wall (the white egg crate), versus bouncing the light off of a mirror (the chrome egg crate).

I never thought I'd be a grandmother to a … lizard but make every attempt to disguise themselves as part of the egg carton. Whisked inexorably from their dwelling, they are popped into a plastic bag of calcium powder, shaken vigorously, and released reluctantly into my grandgecko's aquarium. Here, they

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For someone who had never seen anything 3D printed first-hand, Graber’s plugs are surprisingly rugged. Per Graber’s auction description, “Each of these frag plugs are printed on a 3D printer using a saltwater and coral-safe plastic called PLA. PLA is a recyclable bioplastic that is a made from renewable resources, so it is an environmentally friendly alternative to Aragacrete and ceramic frag...

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Egg Crate Under Your Rock Or Not? - SouthWest Florida Marine ...

I cut PVC pipe about 2. 5-3” long to be legs under the egg crate. I drilled a hole near one end of the pipe and used a small cable tie to attach the PVC pipe to the egg crate using the small hole. I set the egg crate and legs on the bottom so the egg crate was just above the sand. I made sure I used enough legs to support the egg crate with rocks stacked on it (no sagging spans of egg crate)....

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If you stick with Joel Henriques, artist and creator of the site, Made by Joel , it doesn't matter if a family vacation to the beach this summer {or even the aquarium} is in the cards. You can bring the ocean and its abundance of sea life to you with this adorable cardboard wall aquarium craft. Recycled cardboard box Xacto knife Thread Buttons Sea creature crafts. Joel liked the feel of an...

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